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Data sharing – the sharing of personal information between organisations – has been proposed by government as a solution to three groups of issues:

  • Tackling fraud and better management of debt
  • Better understanding UK society and economy, through enhanced research and statistics
  • More effective tailoring of public services

On the other side, there are clear privacy and data security concerns with the sharing of personal information between government departments and agencies, as well as concerns with the transparency and accountability of the existing data sharing landscape.

These workshops, jointly facilitated by the Cabinet Office and Involve, will explore data sharing in relation to each of these issues.

This open policy process is intended to involve a broad range of experts from civil society, academia and beyond in exploring the benefits, risks, limitations, governance and alternatives for sharing personal data within government. It will result in a policy paper outlining areas of agreement and disagreement between and within the civil society, expert and government groups involved.

Among other issues, the workshops will explore:

  • Is data sharing an effective solution to addressing the issue?
  • What should be the parameters and limitations to data sharing for this purpose?
  • What alternatives are there to data sharing for addressing these issues?
  • What safeguards need to be in place to ensure public trust?
  • What scrutiny process should a data sharing proposal be required to go through?
  • How can the scrutiny of data sharing be improved (e.g. to be more transparent and accountable)?

These workshops will form the first step of the development of the policy paper. Explore this site for more information on this open policy process and to see what has taken place already.

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