Research & Statistics | Draft proposals for comment

The papers linked below set out draft policy proposals on the Research & Statistics strand for comment until end Friday 22nd August 2014. These papers have been developed and revised by the Cabinet Office based on discussions during the open policy process, most recently the 23rd July Full day strand workshop.

Following the return of comments on this draft, the paper will be revised and amalgamated with the Fraud, Error & Debt and Tailored Public Services strand papers (to be published for comment shortly) to form a single document. This will form the basis for ongoing scrutiny and engagement around the proposals.

Part One – Draft De-identified Strand Paper

Part Two – Draft Identified Strand Paper

Part Three – Draft HMRC Proposals

Part Four – Additional Issues

Part Four – Appendix One – Offences Matrix

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One thought on “Research & Statistics | Draft proposals for comment

  1. William Heath

    Do we take it there’s still no consideration given to the role of personal control over personal data? I see no reference to personal control, to services such as Mydex, or the potentially very helpful role of individual consent to data sharing. The data subject can and will also be the data controller and data processor. As we’ve said before, during and will continue to say after this process it does seem a significant omission to consider data sharing options but to leave out the role of the individual to whom this personal data pertains. It does rather limit the value of the exercise.


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