Conclusions of civil society and public sector policy discussions on data use in government

Since March 2014 civil society organisations, privacy groups, officials from a number of government departments, academics and representatives from parts of the wider public sector have been collectively discussing how government can be made to be more efficient and effective through its use of data. The core focus has been to enhance the availability of high quality research and statistics from administrative data; prevent fraud and help citizens manage the debt they have with government; and ensure the right services are offered to the right person at the right time.

A paper outlining the conclusions of this open policy process has now been published, available here:

The findings and recommendations set out in this paper will inform future work in the area, which may involve further consultation. Please direct any comments you have on the paper to Sam Roberts <<>> and Firoze Salim <<>> at the Cabinet Office, preferably by the end of 18th February 2015.

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