Invitation to data sharing consultation workshop, Monday 11 April 2016

The Cabinet Office is running two workshops facilitated by Involve to feed into the Cabinet Office’s ‘Better use of data in government’ consultation, which opened on 29 February and closes on 22 April 2016. The first of these workshops took place on 22 March. The notes from this workshop, which examined the Cabinet Office’s policy proposals in detail, will be available on the data sharing website shortly. The second of these workshops will take place on 11 April. Please note that it is not necessary to have attended the first workshop to attend this second workshop.

This workshop on 11 April will provide an opportunity for the Cabinet Office to draw on the expertise and knowledge of the network, focusing on the development of principles and codes of practice that will support the proposed powers on: Public Service Delivery; Fraud and Debt; and Research and Statistics. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to raise any other issues on the proposals that you think should be considered. We will be circulating more materials for this workshop prior to the event. Register to attend this workshop here: 

While they will not constitute a formal response to the consultation, the workshops are part of the ongoing open policy making process intended to inform thinking.

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