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Stephanie is Project Officer at Involve and provides operational and project support to the team. She is passionate about supporting inclusive decision-making and identifying ways of strengthening active citizenship.

Read the External Advisory Group Report

We are happy to share with you the External-Advisory-Group-Report.

The document outlines process and outcome of the Consultation Workshop on 9th May 2016. As a result of discussions during the day, the Terms of Reference of the Group changed. This report documents these changes and the reasons behind it, and sets out a list of key recommendations for the analysis of responses to the Better Use of Data in Government Consultation (29 February 2016 to 22 April 2016)

(Minor editorial corrections to External Advisory Group Report on 19/07/2016)

The Consultation is now closed – Here the next steps for the weeks ahead:

April 22nd was the final day to submit a response to the Better use of data in government consultation. The Cabinet Office are now in the process of analysing the feedback received.

The Quality Assurance Group has provided their input to a first draft of the approach to the analysis. On the 9th of May the group will meet for a full-day workshop to review the approach taken. Their statement and the discussion points from the day will be captured by Involve in the form of a report.

The final report from the group will be published on this website on the same day as the official consultation analysis.

Invitation to submit nominations for the Quality Assurance Group, deadline 12 April

We are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the Quality Assurance Group.

The Cabinet Office have made the decision to open up the government’s analysis of the responses to the Better use of data in government consultation for external review. To carry out this review we are establishing a Consultation Quality Assurance Group and a quality assurance process under which the review will be carried out. Please, find more detailed information in the Terms of Reference.

This is the first time we are aware that government has opened a consultation process to the public, and we see this as an opportunity for creating real impact in open policy making.

Please, nominate yourself or others by filling out the Nomination Form by COP 12 April 2016.
We will select members based on the criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference and set a particular focus on the group’s balanced knowledge of proposal topics and cross-cutting themes. Involve will be transparent about choices and inform successful candidates and the network about selections on 13 April 2016.